After years of wrangling with publishers, dealing with contracts, and seeing agreements disappear due to a combination of business pressures and creative differences, I’m now publishing my work by (and for) myself. I have print and eBook versions of my novels & short story collections, on as well as Amazon. I hope you’ll buy here – the profit margin is higher when you buy direct, and I can also offer more attractive pricing.

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Bait – A Novel

cover of Bait - a novel - showing "bait" spelled with a Christian fish and a fishhook

Bait – a Novel

It’s been years, since radical lesbian Jax Madigan had much contact with her conservative family. Her independence long ago ruled out peaceful co-existence with her relatives. Her only steady contact with her past is with her brother, Danny, who keeps in touch, despite his objection to her “lifestyle choices.”

But when Danny meets and brings home the woman of his dreams, Jax finds herself once more drawn into a family dynamic that is both rewarding and punishing, and even after all these years, intimately familiar. Danny’s girl, Jenn, is beautiful, poised, articulate, and eager to spend time with the black sheep of the family. And it only takes a few visits to reveal she’s as attracted to both Jax and Danny, as they are to her.

Bait explores the limits of love and loyalty, sibling rivalry and tempting taboo. In a volatile mix of wit and wantonness, brother and sister, parents and children, in-laws and outlaws, must all decide how far they will go, to save someone’s soul.

Length: 364 Pages – Copyright: 2006

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Torches – A Seduction

Torches cover showing flames on black background

Torches – A Seduction

Two women, a hot summer’s day in the city… and the heat that rises between them.

Torches is the story of a seduction, from the inside-out… of flesh and bone and heart and soul.

Read… and let Torches light your fire.

160 Pages, Published 2016

eBook – $4.99 – Get your instant download here

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In Progress

B♀Y – A selection of short stories about “the drives and desires of masculine dykes”. It’s all about non-binary butch life from a variety of perspectives.

The whole B♀Y collection was accepted for publication by a lesbian press in the late 1990s, but a combination of business issues, as well as creative differences with the publisher nixed the project. I was devastated and put the manuscript away for a while. Now it’s back, and I’m in the final process of reviewing and publishing the stories as three separate collections.

  • Boy – Collection 1

    B♀Y (Collection 1) – A good introduction to my “take” on non-binary butch life, as well as queer intersections with the straight mainstream.

  • B♀Y (Collection 2) – A continuation of the collection, with some of the stories going deeper than the “rompy” take of Collection 1. I go deeper into the intersections of queer/non-queer.
  • B♀Y (Collection 3) – By far, the most explicit of the collections, with some sex and NSFW scenes. Probably shouldn’t be transported out of the country, given the nosy nature of airport security and various obscenity laws. Then again, maybe it’s much more tame than I think it is. You’ll be the judge.