#queer #writing… the steady trickle continues

I’ve started posting all my short stories from B♀Y on this site. I neglected to hook up my Twitter account, when I started posting, so I have some catching up to do with publicizing.

Anyway, B♀Y was written back in the mid 1990s, it was slated for publication by a lesbian press. But for various reasons (including the edgy nature of the pieces), they backed away from the project.

And I did, too.

It just didn’t seem time to put it all out there, just yet.

And I went off and did other things.

I wrote other books – like Bait, a tangled love-triangle tale of a brother, his sister, and the woman they both love.  I really loved writing that book, but I did a poor job of publicizing it 10 years ago, when I wrote it (you can get the Kindle Edition here – $5.99). I’ll be posting excerpts from that in the coming weeks and months. Lord knows, I have enough content to keep my blog full for months and years to come.

I also wrote Torches – A Seduction. Wait, no, that was years before. I wrote that in 1991, or thereabouts. It’s your classic late-19802 lesbian love story… meet, date, fall into bed. I have it in 2 formats: eBook – $4.99 – Get your instant download here, and print – $11.99 – Get your pocket-sized copy here. Again, I’ll be putting out excerpts from that in the coming weeks and months. Maybe even years.

I’ve also got poetry I need to publish, as well as another fiction book that’s been about 10 years in the writing. Fits and starts. Fits and starts.

I’m publishing the pieces as I go. Will also publish the various B♀Y volumes (there are 3) to eBook, in the coming weeks.

Fits and starts. The trickle continues.

Watch this space.


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