I call myself Loren Stone. I’m a queer writer whose passion is to create non-binary butch characters who test the limits of queerness, while living in a world that’s completely unlike them.

I take a different approach to my characters, establishing close, intimate relationships with them as real people (rather than invented personas), long before they show up in front of you on the printed / digital page.

I have written and published two novels, thus far:

  • Bait – the story of a lesbian, her fundamentalist, evangelical Christian brother, and the woman they both love. I wrote and published Bait ten years ago, and I suspect it may have been the inspiration for a Hollywood movie that came out a couple of years after I mailed a review copy to someone in L.A.
  • TorchesA Seduction – “old-school” lesbian erotica, set in a classic pre-gay-mainstreamed urban setting. I wrote it in 1991, and it was subsequently turned down by a lesbian small press in San Francisco, because it was too much of a “one-handed read”. I dunno. I think it’s pretty hot, and it shouldn’t be dismissed.

I have three other books in the works:

B♀Y – A selection of short stories about “the drives and desires of masculine dykes”. It’s all about non-binary butch life from a variety of perspectives. The whole B♀Y collection was accepted for publication by a lesbian press in the late 1990s, but a combination of business issues, as well as creative differences with the publisher nixed the project. I was devastated and put the manuscript away for a while. Now it’s back, and I’m in the final process of reviewing and publishing the stories as three separate collections.

  • B♀Y (Collection 1) – A good introduction to my “take” on non-binary butch life, as well as queer intersections with the straight mainstream.
  • B♀Y (Collection 2) – A continuation of the collection, with some of the stories going deeper than the “rompy” take of Collection 1. I go deeper into the intersections of queer/non-queer.
  • B♀Y (Collection 3) – By far, the most explicit of the collections, with some sex and NSFW scenes. Probably shouldn’t be transported out of the country, given the nosy nature of airport security and various obscenity laws. Then again, maybe it’s much more tame than I think it is. I can be a bit of a prude, to tell the truth.

I have additional projects underway, as well. I’ve got several manuscripts I started over the past 15 years, which got off to a great start, then stalled for some reason (usually life got in the way).